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Fresh-Picked Week in Review: Week of Jan 20, 2014 (is on Flickr)

For the third week in a row, I've managed to get the Week in Review done, but for the second week in a row, I haven't felt like fighting with the Squarespace slideshow, so instead I am just going to embed the flickr slideshow. Click here to go to Flickr to see the captions for this week, which started in Santa Fe, and features short jaunts to the Continental Divide, Window Rock, Jerome, Sedona and Arcosanti.


Short Stack: Maslenitsa blini and Japanese okonomiyaki 

Image via the Russian Community Center Facebook pageAfter this administration suffered the horrible embarrassment of #pancakegate, we (I) made a decision to really double down on the pancake event coverage. No pancake will go unflipped. No crepe will go unfilled.

So here's a new feature that I am naming "Short Stack" which will be a quick post on some pancake event news. Kind of regretting I didn't think of this before posting the lefse class event yesterday. 

(You might THINK this is a dumb feature because how much pancake event news can there be? But that is precisely the kind of thinking that got this administration embroiled in #pancakegate in the first place. Don't sleep on pancake events. They're everywhere, they're always.)

So here are a couple new cross-cultural pancake events to highlight for you. One was part of the #pancakegate scandal, the other just came to my attention this morning. You can also see the entire line-up of events in this post.

First up - Shirley Karasawa will be teaching two classes at the Wing Luke Museum on okonomiyaki, the Japanese savory pancake. The class will feature a cooking portion and a tour of Uwajimaya. The class is $35 for non-members and $27 for members, and happens on February 8 and again on March 1 from 10:30am to 1pm. Space very limited. RSVP ASAP.

Next up, I just saw this morning that the Russian Community Center will be having a Maslenitsa blini event on February 9 from 12-4pm. Maslenitsa, in case you haven't heard of it before, is a Russian religious and folk holiday, a pre-Lenten week of using up dairy in preparation for fasting. So making blini is a part of that tradition. Read more about it here, and check out the event at the Community Center. 


Sons of Bothell Lefse Class - Feb 22 (with slideshow)

OOPS. The organization in question is Sons of Norway, not Sons of Bothell as the title suggests. (I make this error every single time I search for or write about the lodge.) I can't change it now due to the URL already being published, so just accept this long paragraph as an expression of my Regretting the Error.

If it's flat and cooked on a griddle, Fresh-Picked is here to tell you about it.

First it was Nordic pancakes. Then it was pancakes in general. Now, I'm alerting you to a newly scheduled lefse class at the Sons of Norway Bothell lodge. I've taken this class (slideshow below) and can recommend it. It is very reasonably priced ($10-15), there's quite a bit of hands-on practice, and then you get to eat a lot of lefse. 

This year, they're adding a kids' class. Details below and here on their site!

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Seattle Russian, Polish and Eastern European food events

As noted on the site before, right now I'm home in Arizona with my folks. My mom is Polish, and while we've always only been causal Polish food eaters (getting a box of frozen pierogi here and there, and my mom does like her pickled beets), on this trip, we've been bonding over sauerkraut. I recently had my first true fermenting success - nettle kraut - and it's started a serious love affair with sauerkraut. I haven't yet convinced my mom to make it at home, but we're enjoying the storebought for now.

If you also love the tang of sauerkraut and the variety of Eastern European cuisines that feature it and its kin, check out the below calendar of upcoming Russian, Polish and Eastern European food events. Enjoy a dish of pierogi and bowl of pickle soup at the Polish Home restaurant, or learn to make your Eastern European soup from friend-of-site Irina Vodonos. 

Speaking of Irina, also check out this interview with her on Seattle Globalist, and, of course, check out the Russian Market Tour we did together a while ago. (Four years ago! Whoa!) And here's a slideshow of a piroshky-making party she held in 2011.

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Get ready for the Super Bowl!


Now that you're caught up, you might need to start planning your Super Bowl party. Below is a calendar of cooking classes and tasting to help you host. I'll be adding events as I see them come in, so keep checking back!

(Also for dessert, you can consider the Beast Mode Dozen from Trophy Cupcake - pictured - and for cocktails, locally-based AllRecipes.com offers a recipe for Skittles Vodka - video below.)

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