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Fresh Pick of the Day: Nettles

A few weekends ago, I went out to the woods for the first time since getting back at the end of Feb from my winter trip to Arizona. It was very rainy and muddy, and I couldn't really stay long because I had somewhere to be, but it was still great to see old Pacific Northwest pals like sword ferns, Indian plums plants, and Siberian miners lettuce.

I love my visits home to Arizona, and even within that famously arid state, one kind find pockets of lushness. But they are, indeed, pockets, and I have missed the damp and dripping profusion of green that is the Pacific Northwest wilderness.

So I was happy to see the flora mentioned above, but the true target of my walk was to find nettles. And I found them, and, even with my limited time, was able to grab enough for a version of a St. Patrick's day dish I was making that week. The plants were plentiful that weekend and the next when I went out with other pals. 

If you haven't been out yet, but love nettles, now is the time! We are getting to the end of the season and they are going to soon be too leggy to be tasty. This coming weekend is currently forecast to at least NOT be rainy, so grab your gloves, scissors and bag, and head out for a snip.

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Fresh Pick of the Day: Chocolate Whiskey Cake for St. Patrick's Day

Bad picture, good cake. Last weekend, I went to the Pastry Craft Cake 101 at The Foundry. (Disclosure - I was given a spot in the class by my friend and the instructor, Laurie Pflazer.)

I like cake. If I were a person who said things like "Team Cake!" I would be on Team Cake in a Cake vs. Pie battle.

But I struggle to make them because a) I hate creaming sugar and butter; I have a hand mixer and my arm gets tired because I once heard you have to cream them until the sugar dissolves and it never seems to dissolve so I always feel like I'm doing it wrong, b) I hate buttering and flouring pans and c) my oven is inconsistent with baking things through.

Laurie could not help me with the final one, and there was no positive news that I will never have to beat butter and sugar again, BUT I did at least learn I should be ok not waiting until the sugar is dissolved, AND she only lightly oiled the bottom of her pans and puts parchment in. I found this - and how quickly our class cakes came together and especially the taste of her white cake - very encouraging, and am inspired to try cakes again.

Prior to this encouraging development, the only cake I have consistently made in the past few years has been a Chocolate Whiskey Bundt Cake. Unlike most other cake recipes, there's no beating at all! Just melting butter and casually whisking/folding everything today. So laidback.

Then because it cooks in a bundt pan, even those of us with disagreeable ovens can be have cake success. 

AND, and, also: it keeps well. The recipe notes "This cake improves in flavor if made at least 1 day ahead and kept, in a cake keeper or wrapped well in plastic wrap, at cool room temperature. It can be made up to 5 days ahead and chilled. Bring to room temperature before serving."

Best of all of these (many!) virtues: it tastes delicious. So consider making this for your St. Patrick's Day celebrations. And top it with "fluthered cream," which is lightly sweetened and a little boozey whipped cream. You can find a recipe for the whipped cream here, but don't bother with the cake recipe at this fluthered cream link (it has CREAMING, boo). Just make the MUCH much easier cake from Epicurious linked above, then top with the cream from the second.

Hope you have a great St. Patrick's Day!


Fresh Pick of the Day: FREE screening of "The Greenest Building" tonight

Interested in sustainability, urban planning and architecture? Check out the free screening of "The Greenest Building" at the Central Library tonight, Thu Mar 13 from 6-8pm. Description below:

Over the next 20 years, Americans will demolish one third of our existing building stock (over 82 billion square feet) in order to replace seemingly inefficient buildings with energy efficient "green" structures. Is demolition in the name of sustainability the best use of natural, social and economic resources? Or, like the urban renewal programs of the 1960s, is this well-intentioned planning with devastating environmental and cultural consequences?


Fresh Pick of the Day: Spot a Mushroom

This one isn't really a challenge.Today's Fresh Pick of the Day is not an event (although there is a tie-in event). It's a little website game that is just perfect for this time of year. Local author and forager Langdon Cook posted the link on his Facebook page, and I clicked and loved it.

The game, Spot a Mushroom, is just a simple website where you scan a photograph to, as you might guess, spot a mushroom. Once you find it, click to learn what it is.

It's short - I went through them all in under ten minutes, but SO FUN, after a winter away from foraging, to get one's mushroom eyes back in practice. 

And the event tie-in: the Slow Food Seattle Book Club is reading The Mushroom Hunters for the May book club and Langdon might come join us. Consider stopping by! It's a free event and you do not have to be a member to attend. You can RSVP here or at info@slowfoodseattle.org.

Also don't forget you can find foraging events any time on the wild food events calendar.


Fresh Pick of the Day: Irish Chocolate Party Class with the Chocolate Man

St. Patrick's Day is next Monday, and here's a chance to combine your love of sweets with the traditional tipples for the day.

Bill Fredericks, AKA the Chocolate Man, is a chocolate expert (his chocolate tasting class with more than 40 different kinds of chocolate to try was one of my first food events here in Seattle), and he offers classes in his Lake Forest Park shop. Check out the details for this class scheduled for Saturday, March 15 from 6-9pm. 

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